How To Enhance Your Commercial Awning Visual Impact

Trinity bar terrace made of terrace screens and a big awing

When you add an awning to your business storefront, in addition to protecting your premises from the outside elements, you’re also creating a unique branding opportunity.

Brand awareness is the extent to which customers know and perceive your company and your business, what you offer and how you can help them. A commercial awning can assist in all of these areas since it can remind customers of your brand, services and how to stay in touch.

Every awning portrays a specific picture and transmits a unique message. Whether you want to make sure that your clients easily identify your business or want your awning to promote your brand or a particular product or event, you should consider some design options to make it look its best.

The following tips will help consolidate your business’s brand identity and increase your awning’s visual impact:

-The overall look plays a significant part in how the message is understood. Something sloppy written may showcase the same combination of words as a beautifully well-lit awning. Still, it will not convey the same message about the brand and the business it represents.

-Poorly designed awnings might help customers find your business. However, they won’t attract new customers by making a great first impression and showcasing your company the proper way.

-More space doesn’t necessarily translate to better use. Larger awnings may represent extra space to display your message, but that doesn’t mean you should exaggerate and go overboard.

-There are a few limitations as to what is visually appealing when it comes to commercial awnings. And if an awning is not visually appealing, it won’t be serving all its purposes. The size, graphics, colour schemes and materials should be taken into account before, during and after your awning is installed in your commercial premises to ensure the right message gets through.

To ensure that the design of your commercial awning is perfect for you and will serve all your purposes, here are some tips that should be taken into consideration:

-As we said above, more space does not mean you should exaggerate your message’s size. More than seven words will make things hard to read as it won’t leave room to ensure the lettering is large enough and evenly spaced.

-Also, assure that the awning looks well-coordinated, blends in with all your other signs on your premises, and doesn’t go overboard in terms of colour schemes. Passing people tend to block out anything that looks overly busy or complex, which is the opposite of what you want for your business.

-Lighting is also essential. You want your awning to be visible at all times, so lighting up your awning will catch people’s attention to your business premises even when you are not open.

These are generic tips that are valid to all types of commercial awnings, but some other requirements and expectations vary from business to business. That is why we work closely with business owners to create a bespoke solution that best suits their objectives and goals.

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