Commercial Awnings- An Investment Your Business Should Look Into

Drop arm retro awings shielding a lively restaurant

Businesses that depend on customers coming in, such as retail stores or cafés, have their primary business card the outside appearance of their commercial space. Your commercial business exterior should be as welcoming and appealing to customers as possible while giving them the right message about what your business is all about! And what better way to succeed at it than with an attractive commercial awning?

A commercial awning is an excellent option for making your business stand out from the rest. A great looking awning will lure customers in, and the rest is about doing what you do best that is providing an excellent service!

Awnings Can Be Perfect Marketing Tools

A commercial awning represents an investment but certainly one that will reap you notable benefits in return.

For a starter, it can instantly increase your brand visibility as your branding will be present and represented front and centre in your commercial property for any on-going traffic to notice.

Placing your colours, naming, logo, graphics or others that compose your brand image to the commercial awning will literally be an amplifier of your brand and, thus, increase your brand’s presence. A smartly thought-out awning can make your storefront the ’round-the-clock marketing tool you could only dream of.

Offers Larger Store Visibility

A great reason why you should consider a commercial awning fitted in your property is the guaranteed increase in visibility it will receive. Brighter or bolder, whatever suits your image, having it designed on your awning will catch your audience’s eyes and draw them in.

Makes A Solid First Impression

A glance at your location and its stunning new commercial awning will leave your clients with a picture of what your business embodies. Also, in the most practical sense, an awning has a primary purpose which is sheltering the clients from the sun or rain while also transmitting the effort and value you put into your property.

Makes for an Appealing and Charming Storefront

Aesthetic awnings are very “in trend” because they confer a unique and distinct touch to your commercial property whether you choose a retro-inspired awning or a more modern touch to spice up your exterior.

Your marketing strategy can be carried to your awning’s design, and it will grow your recognition among consumers by adding some personality and charm to your location.

When deciding on the approach to your awning design, it does not matter if you’re going for a professional and elegant look or a charming and quirky look as there are no limits to impose in your graphics. Our customers have total freedom in colours, texts and graphic design to match exactly to their business’s image.

Offers Weather Protection

Bad weather can turn any pleasant stroll into a rush to get home, and if customers are at home, they certainly won’t be entering your store! A large commercial awning will provide immediate shelter when the rain starts to pour, or even heavy snow or burning heat, acting as a safe place for customers. Making people comfortable and welcome will leave them more interested and linked with your business, and ultimately, being more likely to spend their money in your store.

But not only in stores can awnings be useful. Restaurants, cafes and bars are the ones that can profit the most as these will literally gain an alfresco area for customers to enjoy the best your business has to offer while being protected from the harsher of elements.

Creates New Outdoor Hangout Spots

People just love to hang out together, lounge about and have a chat on the outside. A business awning can create a covered area for your customers to unwind comfortably while on the premises of your property.

Protects Your Investment

Your business is naturally an investment and everything you have put your time and money into has to be protected. This includes stock, furniture and fittings. All those preparations you have done to have a suitable commercial property for your business did not come cheap and should be preserved as much as possible. Sunlight can be very damaging to furniture and flooring when it is hitting your glass storefront and windows all through the year, leading the wood to fade, crack and damage. By fitting an awning over your storefront, you will be shading the furniture, flooring and stock from sun damage.

Lowers Energy Costs

An awnings’ practical aspect is to shade your building from the sun and keeping it cool in those steaming days. Making your commercial space cooler will mean you won’t have to depend as much in air conditioner units, thus lowering your energy bills’ costs. Moreover, a naturally neutral temperature is much more comfortable for your visiting customers and employees, making your location that much more pleasant.

A Business Awning Can Increase Your Revenue

Increasing your traffic will result in more business transactions and ultimately, a higher revenue. And that first part is where your new awning will shine as we explained above. Having an extra outdoor area for your customers to gather means you can fit more people on your property, making for more opportunities for raising your business’ profits. An investment worth making!

If you were considering having a commercial awning fitted to your business or were just convinced, but you don’t know where to find the right provider, give us a call! Here at Promo Shades, we have a wide and totally customisable range of awning options to fit your business precisely as you wish!

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